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AC-ET Supplies Lighting & Rigging Solution for Popular Childrens TV Show Igam Ogam

3rd July 2013

A.C. Entertainment Technologies (AC-ET) Ltd. have supplied a complete lighting and rigging solution to brand new West-of-Ireland-based animation studio, Beochan for the filming of the latest ‘Igam Ogam’ series, a popular children’s TV show aired on Channel 5 in the UK. (A Calon/Telegael production for Channel 5, S4C and ZDF Enterprises).

Located outside Galway City on Ireland’s West coast, Beochan is a brand new stop motion animation studio which was set up by Telegael to help foster the growing international appreciation for stop motion content within the broadcast and commercial sectors.

Having only received the green-light for the studio last December, and with filming of Igam Ogam commencing in February this year, it was a momentous task to get the studio up and running on time and within budget.

For this, Igam Ogam’s Director of Photography, Ben Jones relied heavily on the fast and efficient service and support from AC-ET’s specialist International Export division, which supplies to over 80 countries worldwide.

Running up to 12 separate animation bays, and sometimes shooting continuously for up to 12 hours (for only seven to eight seconds of footage), it is crucial that the studio’s kit is rock solid and obtainable at short notice.

With access to over 200 leading entertainment technology brands and dedicated specialist product divisions, AC-ET really added value to the project by helping to pick the right products at the right prices. Ben comments that “AC-ET’s understanding of the project and our specific requirements meant that they were able to advise on the best alternatives to some of the more difficult to source and expensive bits of kit that we needed.”

Ben also explains that being based in the West-of-Ireland, ordering from the UK can be a concern but, “We know that if we tell AC-ET we need something quickly, we’ll be sure to see it the following day.”

For most of their sets, Ben uses 1K and 2K fresnels for the main key lighting and fills in with a variation of 650s, 300s, 150s, 50s, as well as small fluorescents and LED lights. In addition to the key and fill lighting, the studio also uses a quantity of computer-controlled equipment including large camera-moving motion control devices and DMX lighting.

Ben explains, “These technologies allow us to do complex moves and lighting transitions such as day to night, which are all broken down into a single frame at a time so that the animators can bring the puppets to life whilst the technology simply happens around them.”

Included in the supply from AC-ET were various lighting fixtures from Spotlight, Filmgear & Dedo, Manfrotto stands and grip, Daylight Textiles fabrics, Bristol VFX blue and green screens, Litec QX30S truss and a huge range of consumables including Lee and Procolor filter, lamps, clamps and cables.

The future is looking bright for Beochan, who are currently shooting the pilot for a new stop-motion series and are also in advanced discussions regarding other potential co-productions.

For more information visit or call +44 01494 838391.

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