Take a closer look at how flood lights work, some different types available, and their best applications in theatre and stage lighting.

Flood Lights for Theatre & Stage

How do they work?

Flood lights are powerful fixtures providing a wide beam of light for lighting a large area. Options include Tungsten, Full Colour, Dynamic & Fixed White LEDs and Pixel Control.

A flood light is often the least complicated of all stage and exhibition lights due to its build. Flood lights traditionally comprise either;

  • A lamp and reflector in a metal housing, with no lens – the reflector focuses the lamp through an opening in the housing – creating the flood light’s effect
  • An LED light source with lenses that diffuse the light into a flood


What do they do?

Flood lights are a type of lighting fixture typically used on exhibition stands to provide an uncontrolled, high level of illumination or for lighting the outside of buildings. Flood lights are rarely used on stage anymore except as work lights.

Providing a broad, diffused wash of light, they typically don’t offer any focus control, making them ideal for illuminating larger areas, rather than individuals. LEDs are becoming increasingly popular for use in flood lights, offering more versatility and the ability to scale up or down depending on application size.

Examples of Flood Lights

Prolights ECLExpo Flood Light 300VWPROLIGHTS EclExpo Flood 300VW

Perfect for exhibitions and showrooms, the PROLIGHTS EclExpo Flood 300VW is a powerful LED flood light with a variable white range from 2700K-6500K. It also features a wide, asymmetric beam angle of 100° horizontal and 60° vertical and can be conveniently controlled via DMX or RDM. This energy-efficient replacement of traditional tungsten, CDM or HMI luminaires offers an eco-friendly solution for diverse applications and installations.

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PROLIGHTS Smart BatWash flood wash lightPROLIGHTS Smartbat Wash

For lighting a building quickly and effectively during an event, the Smart Batwash is fast to deploy, flexible and can be used wirelessly with the built-in battery using CRMX or W-DMX. The beam angle can easily be adjusted through a magnetic beam shaper filter, allowing a broader coverage whilst keeping a high output.

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Perfect for lighting a building, an outdoor stage, a festival site, or a light trail the Solar 48Q has an outstanding brightness of 22’760 lumens. It has wireless DMX on-board and is completely silent!

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