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Visionsmith - Drop-In LED Replacement Lamps for Tungsten Fresnels

Relamp from Visionsmith is a cutting-edge LED-based drop-in lamp replacement module for 300W, 650W, 1kW and 2kW Fresnels.

Fitting most traditional incandescent Fresnels, the Relamp is fitted in substitution of the traditional bulb, to convert the luminaire to LED.

The fixture can still be powered from the existing dimmer setup, and all units utilise cutting-edge LED technology to ensure:

  • Comparable output
  • Excellent colour rendition
  • Colour-stable, flicker-free dimming
  • Integration with existing technologies

With both Tungsten (3,200K) and Daylight (5,600K) modules available, power consumption and consequential heat produced is immediately reduced.

Also available are polycarbonate lens replacement options, which in comparison to their glass counterparts are relatively unbreakable, as well as being more optically efficient.

The innovative nature of Relamp now means that entire studios can be converted to LED by simply replacing the lamp in each fixture, without changing the power or control infrastructure.

Consequently the initial cost and therefore ROI (because of the reduced power requirement), can be less than that often associated with replacing each incandescent fixture with one which is generically LED-based. True recycling, for Film and Broadcast.