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A.C. Entertainment Technologies Ltd. Company History

The Beginning

In 1971 co-founders Richard Floyd and David Leggett set up Alpha Centauri Light Show, providing lighting and projection to clubs and multi-purpose halls. A.C. (Alpha Centauri) soon expanded into the live music and touring sector, lighting acts such as Status Quo, AC/DC, The Damned, Depeche Mode and The Tourists.

A.C. Moves into Lighting Sales

After several years of concentrating on lighting production, the company decided to move into lighting sales – concentrating its efforts on reselling and distributing products – and the company was renamed A.C. Lighting.

A.C. North Opens

In 1994 A.C.'s Leeds-based Northern sales office was established. Jonathan Walters (now UK Sales Director) was appointed to manage the operation.

A.C. Special Projects Division

The company set up a special projects division in 1999 to provide architectural lighting equipment sales and installation services.

A.C. Audio Division

In 2003, to meet the growing demand from customers requiring a complete entertainment technology solution from one supplier, combined with the increase in special projects demanding both lighting and sound, A.C. launched a dedicated Audio division.

A.C. Rigging Division

Following the success of the Audio division, in 2006 the A.C. Rigging division was launched by Adam Beaumont.

A.C. Video Division

In 2008, after gaining several years experience providing the complex new technology and extensive research into all products in the market, the A.C. Video division was launched to meet customers' demand for products bridging the gap between lighting and video.

A.C. Rebrands as A.C. Entertainment Technologies

Later that year, the company changed its name from A.C. Lighting to A.C. Entertainment Technologies to reflect the extension of its ever increasing product portfolio into the complementary areas of audio, rigging and video. The rebrand encapsulates the wide range of products, accessories, consumables and related services available through A.C.'s four dedicated sales divisions.

A.C. Special Projects Forms Separate Company

The same year, A.C. Special Projects Ltd. is formed to enable the original installations division of A.C. to forge its own identity.

A.C. Celebrates 40th year of Trading

In 2011 A.C. celebrated its 40th year of trading and announced changes to its Board of Directors. Co-founder and Managing Director, David Leggett was appointed to the position of Executive Chairman. Former UK Sales Director, Phill Capstick moved over into David Leggett's role as Managing Director and Jonathan Walters expanded his responsibility to UK Sales Director from Northern Sales Director.

A.C. Film & TV Division

In 2015, the A.C. Film & TV division was launched to provide a comprehensive one-stop inventory of leading lighting and related equipment solutions for film, television, studio and location applications.

A.C. Timeline at a Glance

  • 1971 – Alpha Centauri Light Show established by David Leggett and Richard Floyd.
  • The company decides to move into lighting sales – concentrating its efforts on reselling and distributing products, and is renamed A.C. Lighting.
  • 1994 – A.C. Leeds-based Northern sales office is established.
  • 1999 – A.C. Special Projects division is launched.
  • 2003 – A.C. Audio division is launched.
  • 2006 – A.C. Rigging division is launched.
  • 2008 – A.C. Video division is launched.
  • 2008 – A.C. Lighting changes its name to A.C. Entertainment Technologies.
  • 2008 – A.C. Special Projects Ltd company is formed.
  • 2011 – A.C. celebrates its 40th year of trading.
  • 2015 – A.C. Film & TV division is launched.

For further information about the company's history, please read our company profile in the August/September 2011 issue of Lighting & Sound International magazine.