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Einklang V.J Machine

VJ Machine is a fully automatic music visualisation system specifically for use at Discotheques, Bars and Clubs as well as at Events and Concerts. The system uses an Audio Input to analyse the played music and to independently create a suitable visual background of high quality 3D animations. Apart from the music speed and frequency, this also includes the beat build-up and basic tone. While conventional solutions simply mix video sequences, this system generates REAL-TIME 3D SCENARIOS based on the information gained, which contextually also refer directly to the music.

This method creates a completely new and unique audiovisual experience, which in turn creates a unity between what the ear hears and the eye sees.

Numerous additional functions and effects, which can either be preset or simply and intuitively managed during the operation, make VJ Machine perfectly suitable for a variety of optional applications. You can determine the scope in which to use VJ Machine: from the smallest private party to a major event with several thousand spectators.

Special additional functions make it easy for organisers and advertisers to strengthen customer affiliation and brand consciousness. This includes, among others, the integration of own videos and fully automated animation of logos and flyers as well as photo slide shows. Text messages on advertising campaigns, special “Happy Hour” offers, birthday greeting or any other messages can be superimposed during the operation as well. These functions are contained in the basic version and are easily operated by anyone.

VJ Machine also allows the integration via its DMX Interface allowing this to easily fit into the overall lighting concept. All essential features can be assigned to the channels of your choice and conveniently controlled via the lighting mixer.

The system is designed to connect to output devices such as LCD televisions, projectors and conventional TV’s via a digital interface (HDMI, DVI or displayport). The resolution automatically adapts to the output medium and ranges from PAL (720 x 576) to Full HD (1920 x 1080) at 60 Frames per second, which results in absolutely smooth animations.

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