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Shure PA821A-UK Eight-to-One Antenna Combiner for PSM 470-952MHz

Eight-to-One Wideband PSM Antenna Combiner for all P4T, P6T, P7T, P9T and P10T Transmitters (470-952 MHz)

Product Code SHPA821SWB
Manufacturer Shure

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Shure Pro Audio Reseller LIVE 2017

Eight-to-One Wideband PSM Antenna Combiner for all P4T, P6T, P7T, P9T and P10T Transmitters (470-952 MHz)

The PA821A antenna combiner is the ulitmate problem solver for products that are dependent on the simultaneous operation of many PSM and wireless microphone routes at a venue. As an active broadband antenna combiner with 8 inputs and output of the PA821A provides a significant improvement in reception quality and up to eight wireless transmitters can be combined in a single antenna. This will reduce intermodulation distortion and also avoid dropouts due to multipath interference.

The PA821A is compatible with the wireless personal monitors Shure PSM 400, PSM 600, PSM 700, PSM 900 and PSM 1000. It can also be used with all other in-ear monitoring transmitter and/ or antenna combiners of the intergrated passive combiner with two inputs and one output can be connected.


  • Combines up to eight PSM transmitters to a single antenna set for improved RF networking & reduced rack clutter
  • Quieter fan for significant reductions in ambient unit noise - especially useful for installation work 
  • Temperature-sensitive fan power for significant reductions in ambient unit heat
  • 8 Input LED Signals (green when active; off when inactive)
  • RF Carrier Frequency Range: 470-952 MHz
  • System Gain: +0/-5 dB
  • Input AC Line Voltage: 100-240 Vac, 50/60 Hz
  • Maximum Input Line Power: 120 W
  • Maximum Current Drain: 0.42-1.0 Amperes (Amperes = 100 VA/Input AC Line Voltage)
  • Maximum RF Input Power: 24 dBm (250 mW) per channel
  • Input Signal Indicator Threshold: +4 dBm (2.5 mW), +2 dBm (1.6 mW) typical
  • Impedance: 50 Ω nominal
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0° F (-18° C) to +135° F (+57° C) NOTE: Electrical safety approval is based on a maximum ambient temperature of 30°C.
  • Overall Dimensions: 43.4 mm high x 398.8 mm wide x331.5 mm deep
  • (1 11/16 in. H x 15 11/16 in. W x 13 1/2 in. D)
  • Net Weight: 4.53 Kg (10 lbs unpackaged, without power and RF cables)
  • Input/Output Connector Type: BNC-type 8 input, 1 output ACTIVE, 2 Inputs, 1 output EXPANSION PORT


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