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RCF M18 Wi-Fi Controlled Digital Mixer, 18 Input Channels

Product Code RC17140073
Manufacturer RCF

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RCF M18 Wi-Fi Controlled Digital Mixer  





8 High Performance discrete Mic Preamp Input

10 Line input including 2 HiZ switchable input

1 Stereo Main Out

6 balanced Aux output

1 Stereo Headphones Out

1 dual footswitch connector

MIDI IN and OUT Ports

Selection of three type of PEQ , Gate, Compressor on every input channel

Standard PEQ on every Aux Out

Three internal FX: Reverb, Delay, Modulation

Up to 16 insertable Plug-ins selected between plenty of option


Valve warmer, Xciter, Maximizer and Stereo Graphic EQ on Main Mix



M Mixers represent a fully integrated solution for musicians. Maximum flexibility and comfort are granted by internal power supply, integrated Wi-Fi access point and antennas: the only items musicians need to carry are their instruments. A headphones stereo output completes the M 18’s audio input and output suite. Using the Personal Mix function on the PHONES menu of MixRemote App it is possible to create a fully personalized stereo monitoring. The headphones’ output also offers MAIN MIX and, alternatively, PFL listening.

MIDI IN and OUT ports are also present on the rear panel, allowing the connection of various types of MIDI controllers.

The footswitch port allows connection of a single or double stage footswitch to recall effects’ presets or to mute effects’ returns, as well as providing several other control functions.

A USB type-A port allows connection of USB devices, such as pen drives or hard disks, to create a complete stereo system for playback and audio recording: this supports all the most common audio file formats, both high-quality and compressed. The intuitive graphics of MixRemote App helps the user to manage song playlists also with the AUTO play function.

The MixRemote App enables complete and versatile control of the RCF M 18 Digital Mixer.

Developed for iOS first, the MixRemote App has been designed with musicians in mind and is very simple to use, thanks to its intuitive Graphic User Interface. Each page or channel functions can be reached with a couple of touches of a single hand – an essential convenience while playing. A dedicated App has been developed to ensure a quick and intuitive interaction with the M 18 digital mixer. Special care has been taken to offer consistent navigation among pages. The screen area is divided into 5 different zones: click on the dots to discover them.

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