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For more than 30 years, Nexo sound reinforcement loudspeakers have represented the pinnacle of innovative, convergence-inspired design and advanced manufacturing processes.

Nexo's history is punctuated by many landmark moments and technical breakthroughs in sound reinforcement technology.

In 1993, Nexo's first PS Series product was launched, with performance that dramatically exceeded what might be expected from a compact loudspeaker at the time. The PS went on to become one of the most successful sound reinforcement speakers of all time and, in 2009, the bar was raised yet further with the launch of the uprated PS-R2 Series. Soon after, Nexo launched its groundbreaking Alpha system. And early in the new century, Nexo unveiled its revolutionary GEO technology which immediately set new standards for coherence, accuracy and consistent SPL coverage in arrayable loudspeaker systems.

This tradition of innovation continues today. Through the application of convergence-inspired design, Nexo seeks not only to enhance the audience experience through the development of increasingly more transparent and consistently controllable sound systems, but also to serve the wider public through the improved directivity of our systems.

2016 saw the launch of the new ID (InSpace Definition) series, a new category of products, which are intended as problem-solvers for the toolkits of system designers and installers in all areas of the audio business. The ID Series of loudspeakers are super-compact and low profile, to enable their use in awkward and acoustically challenging spaces. Using a variety of mounting options, the ID24 compact cabinet can fit into almost any environment, whilst its ability to offer high SPL output with variable directivities enables it to ‘beam' sounds into difficult spaces.