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Mackie DL1608 With 30-Pin 16 Channel Digital Live Mixer With iPad Control

Product Code MA2037372-01
Manufacturer Mackie

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DL mixers are loaded with a choice of powerful plug-ins on every channel, so you won’t need to set up additional racks of outboard gear. With just the touch of anger, you have total control over 4-band EQ, compression and gate plug-ins. Plus, sweeten your sound with a full-featured reverb and tap delay or adjust your mix to the room with the 31-band graphic EQ and limiter on the main and aux outs

With the proven performance of Mackie Onyx mic preamps, the uncompromising quality of Cirrus Logic® AD/DA converters and all the right I/O, DL Series mixers deliver rock-solid results professionals demand.

All new DL Series mixers now feature the Apple Lightning connector. This will allow docking of both the iPad (4th generation) and iPad mini*, allowing both of these devices to access the iPad playback and recording functions. All current iPad devices can function wirelessly with DL mixers. Want to convert from a 30-pin connector over to Lightning? Click here.

DL Series mixers are big on security. The PadLock™ feature locks down your iPad for permanent installs, while the Kensington lock – the industry standard in protecting technological equipment – secures the mixer to guard it from theft.

DL Series mixer feature high-end 24-bit Cirrus Logic AD/DA converters, offering a remarkable 114dB dynamic range. We align our Onyx preamps precisely with the converters to provide you with the most headroom and the lowest noise and distortion possible – resulting in brilliant sound quality from a vocal whisper to a wailing guitar solo.

There are plenty of 1/4″ aux outputs available, each perfect for driving a monitor wedge. There’s a pair of main outputs for your system and a decidated headphone output for listening to soloed tracks or getting a close-up view of your mix.

Each and every channel features a choice of powerful plug-ins to dial in the perfect sound for whatever you’ve got plugged in. You can even link adjoining channels for fast control of stereo sources.

Highly-flexible, clean modern processing perfect for any application

4-band EQ includes low shelving, low-mid peaking, high-mid peaking and high-shelving

Compressor with all the control needed to reduce or limit transients

Gate perfect for reducing leakage from open mics

Delivers the sought-after musical characteristics of your favorite industry-standard processors

Vintage EQ with interacting bands and frequency-dependent Q structure for added clarity and sheen

Vintage compressor with non-linear attack/release great for drums

Vintage gate with lightning-fast attack for transient sources

DL mixers allow you to recall mix functions with just the touch of a finger. Easily save and access sound check settings for multiple bands, complex song mixes, and more. Save channel icons including pics of band members.  You can even preset the board and be ready to go the moment you arrive.

There’s four individual mute groups available from the quick access panel for, well, quick access. Assign specific input and output channels to these mute groups for customizable control of channel muting.

It’s great for muting all inputs during song breaks or for larger productions with rotating musicians, broadcast, House of Worship or theatre production applications


Proven Hardware That Sounds Great

16 Onyx mic preamps

High-end Cirrus Logic® converters

Ultra low-noise, high-headroom design

6 aux sends for monitor mixes

Master L/R output for mains


Tons of Built-In Processing

Choice of powerful, touch-sensitive plug-ins

4-band EQ, gate and compression on inputs

31-band GEQ and comp/limiter on outputs

Global reverb and delay


Wireless Mixing

Seamless wired to wireless mixing

Tune the room from anywhere

Get on stage to ring out monitors

Personal monitor mixing with access control ability

Use up to 10 wireless devices simultaneously

Total Control from Your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch


Intuitive Master Fader™ app for all iPad models

My Fader™ app for quick control from iPhone or iPod touch

“Grow and Glow” visual feedback

Preset and snapshot recall

Record the mix to the iPad for instant sharing

Integrate msic from any app into the mix


Install Friendly Features

PadLock™ feature locks down iPad for permanent installs

Industry standard Kensington lock secures mixer

Compact footprint saves precious workspace

15.5″ x 11.5″ x 3.9″

7.9 lbs / 3.6 kg

30-pin version

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