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Radial Cabbone Speaker Cabinet Switcher For 100w Amps, Power Supply Unit Included

Product Code RACABBONE
Manufacturer Radial

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The Radial Cabbone is a unique device that enables you to switch between two speaker cabinets using a single amplifier head. This, for instance, could be used to mount a Fender Twin on a 4x12 Marshall cabinet and switch between the two cabinets to enjoy the very different tonal characteristics of an open-back 2x12 compared to a closed-box 4x12 half stack.

Unlike a regular AB box that mechanically switches between two sources, the Cabbone actually 'ramps on' the switching process with a timed overlap so that the amplifier always sees a speaker load. This ensures both tube and solid state amplifiers are safely switched at all times. The audio signal is actually switched via high-power gold-contact relays to ensure 'straight wire' performance. In other words, the Cabbone will not color the tone or introduce any form of distortion into the signal path. Should power to the Cabbone ever be disconnected, Radial Safe-Mode™ operation automatically resets, connecting the head to output-1.

To reduce 'spaghetti' on stage, the Cabbone is equipped with Slingshot™ - a remotely controlled switching input that enables any standard contact closure to switch cabinets. This lets you keep the Cabbone and speaker cables near the amps and remotely control everything from your pedalboard. With Slingshot, the Cabbone can also switch speakers using a MIDI pedalboard controller, sequencer, or another Slingshot equipped device such as the Loopbone or SW2 remote. Just imagine... with one foot stomp - you could switch channels on your amp, turn on a delay and switch speaker cabinets. Now that's performance!

The Cabbone... a creative tool for making music from the tone fanatics at Radial.

Key Featuers

  • Toggle between two cabinets using one head
  • Time overlap safely performs switching
  • Remote or local switching capability
  • Available in choice of 100W and 300W models


Circuit type: Microprocessor control relays
Max amplifier power to input: Cabbone - 100 Watts RMS
Cabbone EX - 300 Watts RMS
Switching type: Programmed PIC controlled mechanical relays
Relay type and capacity: Silver plated contacts - 10 million cycles
Cabbone - 100 Watt rated
Cabbone EX - 300 Watt rated
Switching time: 11.2 milliseconds
Outputs: Speaker-1, Speaker-2 / Alt-Z Speaker-2
Slingshot™ implimentation: Slingshot input Slingshot out/thru - latch or pulse (selectable)
Footswitch: High-cycle heavy-duty Speaker-1/Speaker-2 toggle w/ status LED's
LED indicators: Large 3mm OD ultra-bright LED's
Construction: 14 gauge steel, baked enamel finish
Size: 6.85 x 4.5 x 2.12" (175 x 108 x 54mm)
Weight: 2.2lb (1.kg)
Production: Made in Canada
Power supply:

15VDC 400mA, center pole positive

Part # R800 9407 00 - 120volt USA, Canada, Taiwan 
Part # R800 9407 01 - 230volt  Continental Europe
Part # R800 9407 02 - 230volt  United Kingdom
Part # R800 9407 03 - 100volt  Japan
Part # R800 9407 04 - 240volt   Australia

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