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Numark C2 Four Channel Rack Mixer With Five-Band EQ

Product Code NUC2
Manufacturer Numark

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Numark C2 Four Channel Rack Mixer with 5 Band EQ

The Numark C2 four channel rack mixer is ideal for any DJ with it's easy to set up design and five band EQ, allowing you to tailor your system to the room and environment. 

The sophisticated microphone section includes great tools such as auto-ducking, which automatically drops the level of whatever's going on when announcements need to be made and auto-muting with sensitivity adjustment so feedback will be nothing but a distant memory.

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Four-channel rack DJ mixer
Inputs: three phono (RCA), eight line (RCA), two mic (1/4")
Outputs: Balanced (XLR), Master (RCA), Record (RCA), Zone (RCA), Headphone (1/4" stereo)
Five-band EQ, rear-panel defeatable
Sensitivity-adjustable, defeatable auto-ducking and muting when mic signal is present
Split or blend-cueing
PFL gain-adjust with meter
Fader-start and panning on master fader

Line: 10k? input impedance; 85mV rms sensitivity (for 1.22V output)
Mic: 10k? input impedance unbalanced; 2 mV rms sensitivity (for 1.22V output); 60mV rms max input
Phono:47k? input impedance; 1.5mV rms sensitivity @ 1 KHz (for 1.22V output)
Line: 9V rms max
Headphone Amp: 0.5 watt int47?
Distortion less than 0.01%
SIGNAL TO NOISE RATIOS(vs. maximum output):
Line: Better than 96 dB
Mic: Better than 78 dB
Phono:Better than 87 dB
*JIS - weighted
Line: 20 Hz- 22k Hz
Line: 20 Hz- 20k Hz
10 Watt typical
17 watt with full headphone output
480mm x 175mm x 95mm
WEIGHT: 3.2 kgs, 8.7 lbs

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