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Klark Teknik 12 In/ 48 Out Active Microphone Splitter

Product Code KLDN1248PLUS
Manufacturer Klark Teknik

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Even in this digital age, we've kept sight of the numerous applications where analogue devices provide the best solution. One such application is providing multiple feeds from a single source, hence the introduction of the DN1248 Plus Active Signal Splitter.

Housed in a roadworthy 3RU chassis with internal power supply, a single DN1248 Plus provides twelve input channels, each feeding four outputs, two of which are electronically balanced and two which are transformer isolated.

On the rear of the unit can be found output 4, plus duplicates of all the inputs and output 1, so the patching options are extremely flexible. The microphone preamplifier is a MIDAS Heritage series unit, specially adapted to the task and providing all the great sound and headroom for which MIDAS preamps are world famous.

Several factory options are available for DN1248 Plus: the ‘DP' option, which provides (at very low cost) a second, linked internal PSU to provide auto-backup in the case of PSU failure.

The ‘AT' option provides transformer balancing for all 48 outputs, and the ‘FM' variant combines both ‘DP' and ‘AT' advantages. Plus, the whole unit is designed so that a customer can easily retrofit the multipin connector and input / output configuration of their choice.


  • New connector configuration allows instant system upgrade with no re-wiring
  • Internal dual-redundancy power supply available as a low-cost factory option
  • MIDAS Heritage Series pre-amplifier and unique KT design provides ultimate audio quality
  • Three year International factory warranty
  • Internal power supply with factory option of backup PSU
  • If your application relies on an active splitter system, rely on the Greatest Name in Professional Signal Processing


Architect's & Engineer's Specification:

The Mic Splitter shall provide 12 discrete audio channels in a standard 3U 19" rack mount chassis. Each channel shall have a microphone preamplifier, two transformer-isolated outputs, and two electronically balanced outputs. Optionally, all outputs may be transformer-isolated.
Each channel shall also provide separate +15 dB boost and -30 dB pad switches, switchable +48V phantom power, an earth lift function and a soloing facility.

The Mic Splitter shall have a headphone amp to allow the monitoring of soloed audio channels. The headphone amplifier shall have a headphone jack socket for the headphones, a rotary level control for the headphones output and a six-segment LED bargraph for monitoring the soloed signal level.

Each Mic Splitter shall meet or exceed the following performance specifications:

Electronically Balanced Outputs
Distortion: (THD+N) < 0.01% @ 1 kHz,+4 dBu
Frequency response: +0 / -0.5 dB (20 Hz to 20 kHz)

Transformer Balanced Outputs
Distortion: (THD+N) < 0.04% @ 1 kHz,+4 dBu
Frequency response: +0 / -1.0 dB (20 Hz to 20 kHz)

The audio connections for each of the twelve audio channels shall be via 3-pin XLR style connectors -

Inputs: two parallel-connected female XLR connectors (one on the front panel and the other on the rear panel).

Transformer Outputs: one male XLR connector on the front panel for each of the two outputs.

Electronic Outputs: one output with one front and one rear panel male XLR connectors, one output with one rear panel male XLR connector only.

The rear panel input XLRs and output XLRs shall be mounted on three removable plates, and be grouped as one panel of input connectors and two panels of output connectors.

All inputs and outputs shall be made available internally on PCB-mounted terminal strips to enable users to retrofit alternative rear panel connector configurations.

The unit shall be capable of operating from a 90 to 250V, 50 to 60 Hz AC power source. The unit shall have the option of dual redundant power supplies.

The Mic Splitter shall be the KLARK TEKNIK model DN1248 plus and no alternative option is available.

Technical Specification:

  • Inputs
    Two parallel connected female XLR connectors, one on the front panel and the rear panel.
    Input Impedance > 2kO
    CMRR > -100dB @ 100Hz to 10kHz
    Equivalent input noise < - 100dBu @ unity gain
    Connectors 3 pin female XLR (external), 3 way terminal strip (internal)
    Signal present level > - 25dBu
    Signal clip level > + 21dBu

  • Outputs
    Electronically balanced - one output with one front and one rear panel male XLR connectors, one output with one rear panel male XLR connector only
    Source impedance 50 O
    Min Load 600 O
    Max Level > + 21dBu @ 1kHz
    Connectors 3 pin male XLR (external), 3 way terminal strip (internal)

    Transformer balanced & isolated - one male XLR connector on the front panel for each output

    Source impedance 70 O
    Min Load 600 O (-3dB level loss into 200O )
    Max Level + 18dBu @ 1kHz
    Connectors 3 pin male XLR (external), 3 way terminal strip (internal)

  • Performance
    Electronically balanced outputs
    Frequency response + 0 / -0.5dB 20Hz to 20kHz
    Distortion (THD+N) < 0.01 % @ 1kHz +4dB
    Transformer balanced & isolated outputs
    Frequency response + 0 / -1.0dB 20Hz to 20kHz
    Distortion < 0.04 % @ 1kHz +4dB

  • Terminations
    Audio Inputs / Outputs 3 pin XLR
    Power IEC

  • Power Requirements
    Voltage 110 to 240V ± 10% 50/60Hz<60W

  • Weight
    Nett 7.4kg
    Shipping 8.4kg

  • Dimensions
    Width 483mm (19 inches)
    Depth 300mm (12 inches)
    Height 132mm (5.2 inches)

  • Trade Descriptions Act: Due to the company policy of continuing improvement, we secure the right to alter these specifications without prior notice.

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