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Audio-Technica ATCS-V60 Voting Unit (Includes Software)

Product Code AUATCS-V60
Manufacturer Audio-Technica

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The ATCS-V60 is a voting unit which can be connected to the ATCS-M60 delegate unit of the ATCS-60 IR conferencesystem. It features five voting buttons, a cover plate and a long connecting cable with a smart cable guide.

The ATCS-V60 is connected to the ATCS-M60 delegate unit by the permanently attached cable. The cable can be wrapped and stored neatly within the recessed cable guide located around the bottom edge of the voting unit. This way the voting unit (V60) fits nicely underneath the small edge in front of the delegate unit (M60). The voting unit features a longer cable to enable the unit to be separated from the main delegate unit - for example, held underneath the conference desk, for privacy purposes if a secret ballot is required.

The unit has five voting buttons with corresponding LEDs. It allows the following voting options:

Yes / No
Yes / No / Abstain
2 options (this can be customized within the software: E.g. two candidate names in an election)
3 options
4 options
5 options
The voting functionality requires the use of the ATCS-60MAG control software. The software allows customisation of polls (as described above) as well as enabling results to be stored in the meeting notes. For extended documentation the results can be exported to a CSV file (Excel, Open Office...).

As the ATCS-V60 is a voting MODULE, it can be added to an ATCS-60 installation any time. This gives the customer the benefit of postponing the decision about whether voting functionality is required to a later stage and giving the ATCS-60 system a marketing benefit.


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