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Apart Microphone System Pre-Amplifier/Mixer With Handheld IR Remote Control

Product Code APPA-CONFE
Manufacturer Apart

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The APart PA-CONF-E is an easy to use professional microphone pre amplifier system. It is equipped with an input for the APart conference microphone terminals, an extra Mic/Line input with lo-cut on/off button (e.g. For wireless microphones) and a line input. An independent volume control is available for the conference terminals, the extra MIC/Line input and the line input. This line input also has a 3 band tone control. The overall volume can be adjusted via the Master Volume control. This makes the PA-CONF-E extremely suited for use in meeting rooms (replaces the big standard +12 channel microphone mixer with lots of cables), presentation purposes, debates,... Its easy operation makes the set-up and use accessable for non-technicians... No more complex mixing desks needed!

Up to 25 conference microphone terminals (about 10 Mic open, 15 mic off) can be connected in daisy chaining mode. The chairman terminal can have control over the delegate terminals by pushing the "priority" button on the terminal (If placed first in the daisy chain). Several chairman units can be placed in the daisy chain, what resluts in a multi-priority system. Mute functions are available on the extra MIC/LINE input and on the conference microphone input indepentenly. A led will indicate when the inputs are muted. Pressing the mute button again, will reactivate the inputs. The balanced output of the PA-CONF-E can be switched between MIC and Line level. The record output in some cases can be useful to record your conferences or meetings.



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