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Alesis PercPad Drum Pad

Product Code ALPERCPAD
Manufacturer Alesis

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The PercPad enables you to add four drum pads and an optional kick trigger to your acoustic or electronic kit or percussion setup. It's compact, easy to fit into tight setups, easy to use, and it contains sounds that are perfect for accessorizing standard drumsets.


The PercPad has four velocity-sensitive pads, a kick input, and high-quality internal sounds, all in a compact size that's the perfect choice for drummers and other instrumentalists looking to start incorporating electronic percussion into their setups. 

Unlike massive, overcomplicated multi-percussion units, the PercPad is specifically designed to be small and self-contained with just what you need and nothing you don't.


You can mount the PercPad on a standard snare drum stand, on any stand or rack using the Module Mount (sold separately), or place on a tabletop surface such as a percussion table, studio workstation, or DJ rig.



The PercPad has a collection of acoustic and electronic drum and percussion that are perfectly suited to the needs of drummers and percussionists. You'll find ready-to-play acoustic and electronic drums and percussion from Latin America and Asia that perfect for complimenting your drums.

You can easily tune and edit sounds, and assign any sound to any pad, or to the kick input. If the internal sound library doesn't contain the sounds you need, the PercPad has a MIDI connection to you can use it to trigger sounds from any MIDI sound module or software on Mac or PC. 



You can connect the PercPad to amplifiers, PA and recording systems with the standard dual 1/4-inch outputs, and monitor on your favorite headphones. The kick input works with most kick pads and triggers including the DMPad and RealHead Kick Pads.


Add some new sounds to your kit today with the PercPad.


The most compact, most-affordable multi-pad instrument

Built-in library of the most in-demand sounds

Four velocity-sensitive pads and a kick input for instant expansion of any drumset or percussion rig

Fits a standard snare stand, sits tabletop, or mounts on any stand or rack using the 

Module Mount (sold separately)

Tune and edit sounds, and assign them to any of the four pads or the kick input

MIDI output for use as a controller for triggering sound modules and software 


PercPad multi-pad percussion instrument

Power supply

Quick start guide



2x 1/4" Main

1/4" TRS Headphone



1/4" kick trigger input (switch/piezo switchable)




1 Clap

2 Finger Snap

3 Cowbell High

4 Cowbell Low

5 Triangle Muted

6 Triangle Open

7 Tambourine

8 Wind Chimes

9 Sleighbells

10 Claves

11 Block

12 Jawbone

13 Studio Shaker

14 Live Shaker

15 Electro Tom Hex

16 Timbale

17 Conga Slap

18 Conga Open

19 Electro Kick 8

20 Electro Kick 9

21 Electro Kick Hex

22 Electro Snare 8

23 Electro Snare 9

24 Electro Snare Hex

25 Electro Crack Hex


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