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New Products at A.C. Lighting North 2004 Tradeshow

20th May 2004

This year's A.C. Lighting North 2004 Tradeshow saw over 30 new products from major lighting and audio manufacturers being shown in the UK for the first time, providing an indication of how highly the event is now regarded by the entertainment technology industry as a serious platform for promoting to customers in the North of England.

Below is a full summary of all new products launched or previewed at the show:

Allen & Heath
Allen & Heath showcased the next generation of its best selling MixWizard range of multi-purpose pro audio consoles. The WZ³16:2 and WZ³12:2 feature a dedicated mono output fader, while the WZ³14:4:2 boasts a 6x2 matrix. They also showed the new LEDlamp, an 18" 4-pin XLR gooseneck console lamp containing a built-in thumbwheel dimmer - resulting in a more user-friendly cool white light and lower heat discharge.

Avolites showcased their new eDMX system, which transfers DMX data across a Wi-Fi radio link - completely removing the need for DMX data cables. They also showed the new ART2000s dimming module - a cost-effective, stand alone professional dimming module designed for distributed dimming systems.

Beyerdynamic showcased their new Opus 800 - the world's only modular radio microphone system with a full colour screen, and Opus 300 entry level radio mic system. The stand also provided a preview of the Biamp Nexia presentation mixer, conference system and speaker processor digital audio range.

Chroma-Q, which is exclusively distributed worldwide by A.C. Lighting, showcased their new 4Play - a fault tolerant, self healing 4 way DMX buffer designed to fully isolate all outputs from each other. Supplied with 4 x 5 pin connectors, each output is separately generated and boosted from the original DMX signal. The 4Play is suitable for truss mounting with a normal hook clamp and will work with mains voltages worldwide.

They also previewed the soon to launch Colour Block DB4 - a high output, modular block of 4 DMX-controlled colour mixing LED lights which can be easily configured in stacks or rows. The unit features a fully variable effects engine and a unique user interface offering Hue, Saturation and Intensity control of each fixture.

The CIE stand showcased the new generation Amina Compact Pro series of high power, very high SPL compact loudspeakers, which can generate an incredible 115dB at 1m. The touring version comes complete with 25mm light weight tripod stands for conferencing and portable music PA/disco use. The wall mount version is ideal for fixed installations in foreground music and PA/VA applications.

Clay Paky
Clay Paky showcased their new Alpha range of innovative 575W moving body professional projectors designed for any professional, architectural and show business environment. The range consists of the Alpha Spot HPE, Alpha Spot and Alpha Wash models. They also showed the new Mini Scan HP3 effects projector, which updates the specification of the popular Mini Scan HPE.

Community showcased several new loudspeaker ranges. The M12 loudspeaker system offers an attractive replacement for traditional wedge-shaped floor monitors and is suitable for touring sound, production and stage applications. The I/O (indoor / outdoor) 5/8 Series 5" and 8" 2-way speakers are compact, high performance speakers suitable for a wide variety of applications from a theme bar to a theme park.

The Cloud 4/6 Series 4" and 6" loudspeaker systems are a complete self-contained, co-axial bass-reflex speaker system. This high output package utilises a unique and effective cooling system called Air Gap Technology (AGT). The DnD12 is a compact and efficient two-way sound reinforcement loudspeaker system.

Jands, which is exclusively distributed in Europe by A.C. Lighting, showcased their soon to launch new Vista lighting console - a truly groundbreaking new approach to lighting control which dispenses with cuelist, touchscreens, keyboards and tedious number-crunching in favour of timeline based software, a pen and a huge colour pen tablet. The result is unprecedented creative power and control over every show aspect.

Le Mark
The Le Mark Group stand showcased the Tak-Away self adhesive residue remover for removing gunk left by tapes and labels, the fully self-extinguishing Gaf-Fire fire retardant gaffer tape, the Identi-tak easy cable length marker and Pro Tape's Pro Gaffer range of vinyl coated tapes.

Martin Professional
Martin Professional showcased their new Maxxyz fader wing and Maxedia powerful media server.

Pulsar showcased their new Outstation OS1 - a compact 12 Scene 54 Channel DMX programmable control desk that is ideal as an architectural controller and as a remote for the Pulsar ChromaZone. Beautifully finished in stainless steel and fitted with chrome push buttons so it will fit into any decor, the OS1 is ideal for offices, bars, restaurants, foyers or anywhere that an easy to use and programmable DMX lighting control desk is required.

Selecon showcased their new Pacific Followspot, which delivers the cool beam and heat management advantages of the Pacific technology in a low cost followspot ideal for smaller theatres, schools, churches and clubs. They also showed a new lower voltage version of the Pacific 80V Power System, an 80V 1200W lamp which delivers onto the stage as much light as a traditional 2.0/2.5kW luminaire.

The Sennheiser stand showcased the new Anchor Liberty - a lightweight portable audio solution that can be specified from its basic form with a simply wired microphone input and external source inputs, or including radio microphone receivers, additional speakers and a built-in CD player. The stand also showcased the DAS Dynamic Active speakers series, which is geared towards clubs, discos, gymnasiums, general PA, or any application that requires sound reinforcement in a lightweight, compact enclosure.

Turbosound showcased their new QLight digitally powered speakers range. The TQ-445DP three-way design in a trapezoidal cabinet and the TQ-308DP trapezoidal two-way design, both employ new-generation Class-D power amplifiers which incorporate revolutionary DSP technology using a class-leading 96kHz sample rate.

Zero 88
Zero 88 showcased their new Diablo lighting controller, a cost-effective and flexible lighting controller for use with moving lights suitable for use in small theatres, schools, TV or clubs. They also showed the new Rack 6 and Install 6 DMX 6 × 10A circuit dimming modules, which offer great value and a choice of compact 2U 19" case (Rack 6) or easy onsite installation and maintenance (Install 6).