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  •   A.C. Lighting Supplies Nexo GEO System to Leading Events Production Company

A.C. Lighting Supplies Nexo GEO System to Leading Events Production Company

1st March 2006

A.C. Lighting's Audio division has supplied a Nexo GEO S line-array speaker system to Sound2light Productions.

The company offers a UK wide full event production service, including lighting and sound design, hire and consultancy for events of any size ranging from small shows to large concerts.

Sound2light Director Mark Rivkin was looking to increase their existing hire stock inventory with a permanent PA system that would give the company access to much larger-scale client events ranging from indoor theatre shows to outdoor rock concerts.

Although there was no shortage of powerful sound systems on the market, Mark needed a system that would provide the best possible sound quality for his budget, to complement the high quality of existing digital mixing and multicore equipment in the company's hire stock.

After auditioning many different systems he contacted the Audio division of A.C. Lighting to discuss the

Nexo GEO line array speaker system, having had good experiences dealing with the company before to purchase lighting equipment.

After providing a quote for a GEO S system, A.C. Audio Sales Manager Peter Butler arranged for a demonstration at company's Northern offices to enable Mark to hear its capabilities in a suitable controlled environment.

By this time Mark was convinced on paper and from speaking to various people that the Nexo GEO S system did everything he wanted and needed it to do, so the demo was just the final test to check that the sound system lived up to his high expectations.

After being more than satisfied by its performance, Mark placed an order for a Nexo system with A.C. a couple of days after the demo, commenting: "We chose Nexo after listening to many different systems. The technology was excellent, the rigging and size was ideal, and it sounded better than many large array systems we auditioned. We also wanted something that was easily expandable for use at the largest outdoor events. The GEO system is ideal for this as it is extremely easy to sub-hire in extra boxes. It's also a much more tailored sound solution than a lot of the other systems around. Using the Nexo GEO software we can take measurements from a venue to create a 3D map of the sound field. This enables us to get an accurate estimate of what the sound output will be and optimise it for strict sound level limits."

The Neo GEO S system supplied by A.C. consists of left and right vertical tangent array systems composed of ten 805 5 degree cabinets, two 830 30 degree cabinets, two CD-12P subwoofers, two Camco Vortex 6 amplifiers, two NX242 controllers and flying hardware.

The first event with the system was a light opera production of Oklahoma. The show was technically challenging, using many Shure UHF premier radio microphones, boundary microphones and a full orchestra. Together with some unusual acoustics in the venue, this presented a difficult problem from a sound point of view.

However, the GEO system performed flawlessly, giving unbelievable levels before feedback, and a clear sound that was noticed and appreciated by all involved. Musical Director Tim Wills commented: "The sound quality was astounding and the reproduction of the orchestra was amazing. The system brought the performance up to a whole new level."

Using the sound system with existing PA equipment and a Yamaha DM1000 digital desk also purchased from A.C., a considerable part of the performance was mixed in 5.1, which worked really well for the venue.

The system has also been tested to the extreme at a recent Christmas ball at Imperial College in London. The line-up included drum and bass DJs requiring a very loud and clear sound with deep bass, who were all very impressed with the system.

Summarising recent experiences using the product, Sound2light Productions Event Consultant Richard Jordan commented: "Having used the system for a number of events in a variety of venue types, the ease of transportation, rigging and set up of the system has exceeded our expectations. The accuracy of the GEOSoft prediction software, coupled with the light weight of the boxes has revolutionised how we approach events, allowing us to quickly and confidently rig it - providing fantastic results every time."

Mark's also been very pleased with the service he received from A.C.'s Audio division, commenting: "I've dealt with A.C. before and have appreciated the good product knowledge and helpful service I've received from them. I therefore had no hesitation in contacting their Audio division when I wanted to investigate the Nexo system. During the purchase of this equipment, A.C. Audio's Peter Butler was always available to help with any query and has been very accommodating towards our particular needs. He also arranged for Mick Butler from Nexo/Camco UK distributors, Fuzion plc, to be at the demo, so we got to ask them all the questions we wanted about the system."