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  •   A.C. Lighting Supplies Nexo Geo S System to Camel Event Production

A.C. Lighting Supplies Nexo Geo S System to Camel Event Production

1st March 2006

After successfully trialing a NEXO GEO S rig at last summer's huge Pride gay rally in London's Trafalgar Square, Camel Event Production have now purchased a full 12-enclosure S805/S830 system from dealers, A.C. Lighting - along with a number of NEXO CD12 sub woofers, NEXO NXT 242 controllers and Camco Vortex 6 amplifiers.

For the York-based technical services company it was an easy decision to make. Their managing director Kevin Wilson said, "I had been aware of the NEXO pedigree for a long time but our first chance to use it came in front of 17,000 people in Trafalgar Square - with assistance from NEXO's UK distributors Fuzion and A.C. Lighting."

Pride had struggled to achieve even coverage at past festivals, and following complaints about the sound distribution, Camel Event Production had been tasked with the challenge. "It was my sound man Peter Sharman who suggested we audition NEXO - and thank goodness we did," said Kevin. "The result was amazing."

The 11-year old company have diversified into sound and staging from an original base in lighting. They ran several conventional PA systems in their hire fleet before deciding to step up to line array technology. At last year' PLASA Show in London they managed to narrow their choice down to two. "But Fuzion had been so helpful - and the GEO simply sounded better. Size and weight were also prime considerations, rationalised Kevin. "I wanted to be associated with the NEXO brand and GEO heritage, having sat at Glastonbury listening to the GEO T for many years."

Finally, he said, given the number of corporate events and award ceremonies handled by the company "the discretion of the system was of paramount importance." And so with the memory of Pride still fresh in his memory, he placed the order with A.C. Lighting following a demo of the system at the company's northern office.

Kevin knew that the GEO S system's ability to tame difficult acoustic environments would provide a further bonus, since Camel frequently find themselves working in awkward spaces. Principally designed for the reproduction of orchestral sound acoustically, the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall is just such an example "because of the depth of the balcony and steep rake of the upstairs seating. When you start pushing high SPL's you can really get into a mess."

And it was here that Camel's new GEO S system made its debut this month. With the aid of some supplementary enclosures the company were able to fly 12 GEO S805 Vertical Tangent Array Modules and one S830 Horizontal/Vertical Tangent Array Module either side of the proscenium arch. This formed the main thrust of a full NEXO rig, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (whose lead patron Sir Paul McCartney attended). This was augmented by a pair of NEXO CD12's flown with the arrays, and another pair of the subs ground-stacked each side to project up to the balcony.

Camel used the proprietary GEOSoft2 array calculator to optimise the system and discovered that the main PA hangs were more than capable of drilling to the back of the auditorium (including the underbalcony area) without need for delays.

Camel Event Production are now looking forward to the upcoming outdoor event season, and the mini proms concerts in which they specialise. Says Kevin, "Because the GEO system is so narrow I am convinced that we will be able to dispense with PA wings entirely."