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A.C. Lighting North 2008 Tradeshow Unveils Cutting-Edge New Entertainment Technologies

3rd March 2008

As the North's premier entertainment technology tradeshow and one of the first UK events in the industry calendar, the A.C. Lighting North 2008 Tradeshow will feature a huge range of leading brands showcasing new or recently launched products. The line-up confirmed at time of publication includes:

Lighting and Rigging
ADB: Warp Daylight zoom profile spotlight with 575W daylight discharge lamp, MD/WARP DMX controlled mechanical dimmer, and Mentor/XT control desk with sophisticated motion control module.
Chroma-Q: Color Punch compact LED fixture providing bright washlight results for both indoor and outdoor applications.
Doughty Engineering: cast aluminium lighting clamps pack, easy lift 3.80m wind up stand, scissor clamp adjustable girder clamp and marquee clamp designed for open span marquees.
DTS: FOS range of compact, self-contained LED bars for colouring large surfaces with a uniform projection, Focus compact LED projectors range for fixed/recessed installations, Pharus 1500 followspot with a 1500W discharge lamp, Titan compact, self contained LED projectors range for fixed/mobile installations and XR700 Spot moving head projector fitted with 700W discharge lamp.
ETC: SmartSoft free PC application for SmartFade ML, SmartFade ML software v2.0 supporting SmartSoft, Congo / Congo jr software v5.0 featuring the new effects engine, Ion control desk, and universal fader wing 2 x 20 for Ion and Eos control desks.
GE: CSR575/S/DE/70 reliable and stable colour CSR lamp for Martin Mac 575 and Showbiz 2" T8 high output cinema linear fluorescent lamp.
Green Hippo: Hippotizer media server V3 version 3.0.12 software adding new timeline, PixelMapper and effects features.
Hall Stage: DGH7 9 small drape track motor, and track installation hardware.
High End: Road Hog portable programming and playback wings, and Road Hog Full Boar fully expandable console.
Jands: Vista I3 compact, mid-size/mid-budget console providing almost all the features of the full size Vista consoles, Vista S1 ultra compact control surface for carrying in hand luggage and Vista M1 portable playback control surface.
LDDE: SpectraWow+ - 40W LED fixture with barndoor.
Le Maitre: G300MkIII smoke machine featuring G300 heat exchange technology abd RapidFire 12S sequencer for use with Le Maitre pyrotechnic effects.
Litec: Arc and Double pitch roofing systems ranges, Litec CubeHoist, a unique truss system designed to house small frame Lodestars, CM Lodestar Model B "Compact" with 250kg capacity, and a fully functioning demonstration of the award winning EXE Lodestar 650 C1.
Litestructures: LiteBarrier lightweight, high strength crush barrier. Largest available security platform, round top rail, acoustically transparent front and base plates, Audience anchor plate, flat pack design for ease of touring, certified to 3.5kN crowd load, slot together connection for ease of install and breakdown.
Manfrotto: 587B Black Magic wincher stand with unique double winch concept providing a lift capacity of 200kg at a height of 6m, Avenger Long John Silver B505 Tripod Winch stand and the newly designed Avenger C345 Barrel Clamp.
LSC Lighting Systems: Redback 4/UK 6x10A dimmer with twin sockets and E24 X48/HP 24x13A touring dimmer with hot patch.
Martin Professional: MAC 2000 Wash XB M2K wash now available in a separate 1500W version or upgrade, MAC 575 Krypton combining super efficient optics for brighter output with outstanding gobos and colours, together with proven, modular construction, and smartMAC 150W moving head profile that offers unprecedented reliability, longer service intervals, total silence and smaller power bills.
Osram: Halogen energy saver range, including the Halostar halogen capsule lamps, Decostar dichroic lamps, Halospot AR111 reflectors, Haloline linear halogen lamps, Halopar 16 GU10 halogen lamps, Halogen Classic A/B GLS/candle lamps, Halogen Spot R50/63 spot reflector lamps, Osram SharXS HTI 1500W/D7/60 compact, double-ended metal halide lamp in 1500W, and LinearLight Dragon RGB linear high-flux RGB module family for dynamic wall-washing effects.
Out Board: LV-Series of low voltage chain hoist controllers, including the LV4 four-channel controller with RC4 handset option, and LS4 trussmount splitter box to fan-out the LV8 Soca's to C-Forms. DV-Series of direct control chain hoist controllers, including the DV4 four-channel unit with C-Form outputs, DV8 with Socapex-type, plus optional DS4 splitter boxes to break these out to four C Forms.
Pulsar: latest ChromaRange of LED fixtures.
Robert Juliat: Victor HMI1800 followspot with electronic ballast.
Rosco: 302 Pale Bastard Amber, 325 Henna Sky and 375 Cerulean Blue polyester colour lighting filters, Supergel 361 Hemsley Blue and 368 Winkler Blue polycarbonate colour lighting filters, and ChromaKey Blue and Green Floor for TV and film. X Effects x-24 large scale 3D image projector, Scenic Premier Clear Gaze and Scenic Theatrical Clear Glaze.
Selecon: Acclaim CST250 Fresnel integral ballast and 3200K colour temperature, Astral MSR250 Fresnel integral ballast and high light output for architectural spaces, and Arena HP Fresnel remodelled, lighter and high quality output.
Spotlight: Cyclorama Domino RGBA LED floodlight with a special optical system for uniform, asymmetrical light distribution, Vedette 12HCC LV followspot with low voltage 1200W 80V, high efficiency halogen lamp, and compact PSU, Bemam Light RP1280 large, high efficiency parabolic reflector with low voltage 1200W 80V halogen lamp, cold restrike lanterns range for CST 250W lamps.
Wireless Solutions: Blackbox S-2 1024 channel wireless DMX transmitter.
Zero 88: Leap Frog 48 and 96 Version 3 software, Jester ML48 channel addition to range, and Jester MLRange Version 2 software. LightFactory PC based console software and Zero Wire DMX wireless DMX solution sold in pairs.

Audio and Video
Allen and Heath: ZED-FX mixer from the ZED range of entry level mixers, and iDR0 network MixRack option for the iLive digital mixing system.
Audio-Technica: M2/M3 UHF in ear monitoring systems for small to large-scale production requirements and PRO92cW subminiature omnidirectional condenser headworn microphone.
Beyerdynamic: MC2 T3500 1750W/channel into 4 Ohms, and E80 4000W/channel into 4 Ohms and 5500W/channel into 2 Ohms. Dynacord D8 8" 2-way cabinet, 1000W / 250W 8 Ohm, sub 112 12" subwoofer, passive cross over, 1600W/400W 8 Ohm, PowerSub 312, 12" subwoofer, 800W + 2 x 250W, and DSP260 260 digital 2-in-6 sound processor.
Canford Audio: powerful Series Two Tecpro master station and extender units offering 2 and 4 circuit full duplex intercom operation, new locking IEC cables eliminating catastrophic power losses caused by mains connectors working loose, and space-saving rack troughs.
CUK: Audio DIS (Danish Interpretation Systems) DC 6990P world's first touchscreen conferencing system, featuring a 3.5" colour touch screen for eliminating distractions and providing access to vistas of information, Italian manufacturer InOut's DA 480-R ultra compact 4 x 80W power amplifier, and the versatile Community VERIS installation loudspeakers.
Fuzion: Nexo RS-15, 15" Geo Sub unit, Kelsey Babelfish versatile 4 pole Speakon interface, Nexo Geos 1210/1230 10 degree/30 degree tangent array modules, Nexamp 4X1C/4X4C 4 channel, 1300W/4000W TD controller/power amplifiers, Camco Q-Power 6/10 1600W/2600W power amplifiers, and Mipro Act 81/82 single/dual channel encrypted true digital receiver.
Kling and Freitag: line array for professional and economic use, small loudspeaker and 1" / 5" passive speaker system mainly for installation use.
KV2: EX6 high quality active powered speaker system, APB Dyansonics ProRack house rack mounted 16 channel mixing console, Apex Argos and Hera sound level limiting system.
Martin Audio: Omniline versatile micro-line array, Engineer powerful DSP device for managing and controlling loudspeaker systems, Ceiling speaker series, and a selection of the AQ series.
RCF: TT+ touring/theatre loudspeakers range, including the TTL31A mini size 2 way line array providing very high output and dynamics, plus extreme accuracy and high frequency extension in a compact size. TT12AS model provides integrated mechanics compatible with the TTL31A array module.
Sennheiser: EM3732 pro radio receiver, DW 800i comms system, MKH 8000 Series microphones, and APart Audiolock SPL limiter.
Shure Distribution: QSC GX series performance, reliable and affordable amplifiers, Shure Microflex microphones with streamlined design and enhanced performance, Wireless Workbench software version 5, Shure Countryman - expanded range and colours, QSC - AD-S32T and AD-C42T, QSC - NAC100.
Shuttlesound: Klark Teknik Square One Splitter high-performance 8 channel mic and a 1-16 media splitter with a Midas XL8 inspired pre-amp design, Electro-Voice Flush Mount range of installation speakers, EViD FM range of discrete, designer friendly speaker with an acoustic advantage, and Electro-Voice ZX3 600W 12" cabinet for mobile or installation applications.
Yamaha: Audio Network solutions, using Ethersound and Cobranet, along with the High End Stage Box, which features PM5DRH Pre-amps.

The list of exhibitors/brands confirmed at time of publication includes:
Lighting and Rigging
ADB, Andolite, Anytronics, Artistic Licence, Avolites, CCT Lighting, Cee Norm, Chroma-Q, City Theatrical, Doughty Engineering, DTS, ELC Lighting, Element Labs, ETC, Fibre Optic Systems, Flightcase UK, GE Lighting, Green Hippo, Hall Stage, High End, Jands, Lee Filters, LDDE, Le Maitre, Litec, Litestructures, Look Solutions, LSC Lighting Systems, Luminex, Manfrotto, Martin Professional (including Martin and Jem), MTX Engineering, Neutrik, Osram, Out Board, Philips, Projected Image, Projected Image Digital, Pulsar, Rainbow, Robe, Robert Juliat, Rosco, Selecon, Slick, Spotlight, Strand, Tomcat, Tourflex, Tourmate, Vari-Lite, Wireless Solutions, WYSIWYG and Zero 88.

Audio and Video
Allen and Heath, Audio-Technica (including Sabine and True Systems), Beyerdynamic (including Dynacord and MC2), Canford, Community, EAW, Fuzion (including Nexo, Australian Monitor, Work, Littlite, Cameo, Symetrix and T&M), Harman Pro UK (AKG, BSS, DBX, Crown, JBL, Lexicon and Soundcraft), Kling and Freitag, KV2 Audio (including Vieta Pro), Martin Audio, RCF, Sanyo, Sennheiser (including APart, DAS, Klein and Hummel, Neumann, Powersoft and Rane), Shure Distribution (including Shure, QSC, Radial and Servoreeler), Shuttlesound, Tannoy, Wharfedale and Yamaha Professional.

A.C.'s dedicated Lighting, Rigging, Audio and Video sales divisions will also be present throughout the show to provide additional technical solutions advice on all products displayed.

Leading entertainment technology magazines ET Now, Lighting and Sound International and Mondiale group (publisher of Total Production, Mondo Arc and Dr and Night titles) will also be attending the show, as well as leading industry associations PLASA, ABTT and PSA.

The show includes access to a programme of exclusive guest speaker seminars from leading industry experts. Seminars confirmed so far include:
Video For Lampies
As the demand for visual sophistication increases, lighting designs are increasing including video elements. A.C.'s Glyn O'Donoghue chairs a panel of industry experts to discuss the practical solutions for lighting and video hybrid systems. Featuring Mats Karlsson, Nigel Sadler and Lee House.

Moray McMillin - Live Sound Engineering - Helpful Tips from The School of Life
Details to be confirmed.

Andy Lenthall - It's All Going Green
The drive towards low carbon, energy efficient, sustainable events continues. Whether the pressure comes from bands, legislation, your conscience or your clients, it's time to consider your environmental impact and ways it can be reduced. PSA General Manager Andy Lenthall will present some of the methods the Live Event Industry has already employed and look at they ways in which suppliers will be asked to help.

Safer Rigging Workshop
Adam Beaumont heads our second workshop and discuss' the latest products and practices to help make rigging safer. This session will include an overview of the latest European regulations and how they effect equipment choice.

Stephen Page - European Capital of Culture
Lighting Director Stephen Page discusses his experiences lighting 'The People's Opening', a musical, multi-cultural event featuring a diverse mix of 600 performers on a large outdoor scale in the middle of Liverpool's city centre to launch Liverpool's year as the European Capital of Culture.