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A.C. Entertainment Technologies Helps Globo Balear get into the Swing of Things

1st July 2009

A.C. Entertainment Technologies Ltd. recently supplied event production company Three Media Creative with state-of-the-art sound and projection systems for new show 'Come Fly with Me' at the Gran Casino Theatre in Mallorca. Combining the music of Frank Sinatra with the visual spectacle of a Broadway show, the production is based around New York in 1959 and features an unforgettable mix of swing music, world-class acrobatics and dancing.

When the show's producers, Globo Balear, took over the Gran Casino Theatre to host 'Come Fly with Me', the 1,500-seater custom-built theatre had never been used before for such a technically ambitious production. They therefore appointed broadcast and production specialists Three Media Creative as technology consultants when the show first went into pre-production planning.

James Baker, Three Media Creative Show Technology Consultant and his team had the remit of designing sound and projection systems that would provide the very best possible audio-visual experience in order to enhance the show's Broadway-style production values. James was tasked with sourcing an extensive range of cutting-edge equipment, so he turned to A.C. Entertainment Technologies.

He commented: "Having worked with many different suppliers over the past few years, we feel the level of customer support and technical assistance provided by A.C. is excellent. This, backed-up by the fact they have so many different manufacturers at their disposal, enables us to specify the exact products to suit our clients' needs."

James discussed his technical requirements for a new front-of-house loudspeaker system with Peter Butler, Sales Manager of A.C.'s Audio division. The existing FOH system wasn't adequate to do justice to a show of this scale, so James needed to ensure that the sound quality of the production was absolutely right. The new system needed to be capable of producing good audio dispersion and coverage throughout the auditorium, whilst retaining a relatively discreet front-of-house loudspeaker system.

Peter specified a KV2 Audio system consisting of EX and ES Series loudspeakers. The system includes three clusters of ES1.0 (LCR) and six ES2.5 compact, high output sound reinforcement cabinets. Separate EPAK 2500R 2500W amplifiers and electronics power the ES range. In addition, KV2 EX10 cabinets are used as under balcony fills and show relay monitors in the venue's vast backstage area. Adam Beaumont, Sales Manager of A.C.'s Rigging division, designed and supplied all flying equipment and hardware required to install the loudspeakers.

For stage monitoring, Three Media Creative installed KV2 EX10 cabinets, sunk into the stage floor to assist with sight lines and EX12 cabinets as stage in-fills. Prior to installation, KV2 engineer Andy Austin-Brown conducted a site visit to fine-tune the system design; a further visit was made on completion of the installation to commission the system.

James commented: "Too often in modern shows, audio production ranges between the inaudible to the loud. We understand this problem and couldn't wait to demo the KV2 system to our clients when they came over for a listening session. Due to the venue being almost 100ft wide but only 60ft deep, we have designed the sound system to make sure that it properly reflects what the performers on stage are producing. This audio experience is exactly the same, wherever audience members may be sitting in the auditorium."

In addition, A.C. supplied Three Media Creative with various Sennheiser wired and wireless radio mics, signal processing and cabling. The lead singer in the show, Chris Mann, has the latest Sennheiser radio mic technology as he sings the great swing music of Frank Sinatra, so that he can reflect the nuances and rhythms of 'Old Blue Eye's' musical style with the utmost clarity. Other audio equipment supplied included Sennheiser IEM's for playback to the singers and musicians, a London Soundweb for signal routing and a 24" Imac running MOTU Digital Performer 6 with 12 channels of synced audio, various FX units and Focusrite compressors for source playback.

The other part of Three Media Creative's remit was to assist in creating a visual backdrop to the show that would both enhance the theatrical experience and provide an imaginative backdrop for the on-stage action. After discussing his technical requirements with Lee House, Business Development Manager of A.C.'s Video division, the company supplied Three Media Creative with various Christie digital projectors, including two M-Series DS+10K-M DLP and two LX1500 LCD units, to illuminate the 90ft wide stage with high-definition images. Content was provided via three Green Hippo Hippotizer Stage V3 media servers. Memorable backdrops and scenic elements include the Coca Cola sign in 52nd Street, night-time sky with shooting stars, central park at night-time, central park in the autumn, a sky scape complete with moving clouds and a vision of the New York skyline. Other video equipment supplied included TV One processing components and various cabling.

The Hippotizers are operated in Timeline mode via two Luminex Gigabit switchers connected to a 24" Imac running Zookeeper at front-of-house.

James commented: "The system is flawless and so easy to operate for the resident technician that after we had installed and set it up, it took just a few hours for him to come completely up-to-speed with how to run the show."

Three Media Creative Producer/Director, James Baker, commented: "Working with A.C. has been great. They always go the extra mile to ensure that we have the best service available. I can't wait for the next job. I was particularly impressed with their customer support, speed of delivery and total commitment to the project. Having used them for many projects in the past, I would be more than happy working with the A.C. team every time. For all our installations, A.C. is the first supplier we will contact and probably the last as well. Why go anywhere else when they give you support like this."

Martyn Smith, Creative Director, Globo Balear, commented: "The audio and video system that Three Media Creative have designed and installed has been excellent. The clarity on the audio is exceptional, which is most noticeable when Chris Mann (singer) sits by the grand piano and sings 'One for My Baby'. You can hear every little detail in his vocal. The vista we get when the projection is on is breathtaking; the New York skyline scene makes you feel like you are on top of the Rockefeller building looking at the steelworkers."