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A.C. Audio gets KV2 in the Army Now

4th June 2008

The Band of The Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers are now projecting a larger sound than ever before thanks to the supply of a new KV2 Audio EX Series sound system supplied by A.C. Lighting's Audio Division.

The brass and woodwind military band have been discussing their ultimate wish list with A.C. Audio for almost a year, so when the budget was finally approved to completely over-haul their old sound system, the band's coordinators were quick to ask A.C. to design them a completely new audio rig that would be fully versatile and tailored to their specific requirements.

A.C. Audio sales executive Glen Thompson, who has extensive experience on both sides of the microphone, worked closely with KV2 and the band to design a fully flexible system which would complement the various formations in which they play. The diverse band is known to play in combinations ranging from a jazz trio and small soul band to a full thirty five piece wind orchestra, and often on consecutive nights.

The other serious consideration A.C. had to take into account during the design stage was the need to accommodate crowds as large as 2000 and as small as the barracks dining hall. Ensuring the quality of sound is in no way compromised in the different sized venues in which the band play was a top priority and ultimately lead to the specification of a KV2 EX Series sound system.

A.C. Audio's Glen Thompson commented, "Portability was a key requirement as the band plays all over the UK and world, so KV2 Audio was an obvious choice given the physical size versus power output and sound quality in any arrangement."

The system comprises of four EX10 two-way, full-range cabinets to be used in conjunction with two EX2.2 double 12" subwoofers as a front of house system. The combination also allows one EX10 with an EX2.2 per side, together with two further EX10's in delay or fold-back positions. Equally, in smaller officer mess-type venues just a single EX10 module would be suitable. Various stands, microphones and cables were also provided together with speaker carts to allow easy mobility.

Glen Thompson continued "The band was astonished at the difference in sound performance compared to their previous loudspeakers and they were amazed at the versatility and results that can be achieved by a relatively small quantity of cabinets. It is simple for them to use, set up and easy for them to transport from one venue to the next."

Mick Butler of KV2 audio commented "We were keen to be a part of this supply and knew our products could out perform the competition when it came to adaptability in this sort of environment. The EX Series is a relatively small footprint cabinet but utilises new transcoil technology. This delivers an incredibly high quality bass performance with a seamless transition at the crossover frequency, ultimately producing a well balanced and defined sound output as a result."