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AViary Video Tools

Introduction to the Par4Keet 

AViary Video Tools is a fresh approach to the challenges of displaying video in a host of environments and applications from digital signage through to corporate AV and installation. A complimentary set of products, all aimed at enabling users to playback, manipulate and display media in ways not encountered before and all in broadcast quality, high-resolution formats where needed.

Green Hippo has been a pioneer in realtime video for over a decade now. With the advent of AViary Video Tools, we have taken this wealth of experience and developed a range of devices that bring a unique, high-grade and ultra-flexible way of working to a host of applications. Green Hippo understand that users need to change and tune the way that video and imagery is displayed right up to the 11th hour. They also understand that display frameworks for parameters such as aspect ratio, screen positioning, rotation and so on have moved on since the days of a single 16:9 screen. Users want to be creative without limitations and mix and match displays at will. To this end Green Hippo have built into every AViary product the ability to take video playback and output mapping to new levels without compromising usability and quality.

All the expected features such as playlists, simple media upload and remote triggering are present. Yet common to all products in the AViary range is the ability to manipulate and adapt media in-situ. Control multiple parameters such as speed, colour or transitions on the fly, right now. No returning to editing facilities or third party software to build your show or installation.

Green Hippo's wealth of knowledge regarding output mapping, through either multiple outputs or third party signal splitters, is at the heart of all AViary Video Tools product. Blending, warping and spacing compensation is not only class-leading, but intuitive controls and remote configuration software make it all a breeze, allowing designers and installers to focus on the important tasks. Being creative!