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Martin Cyclo 04 Wallwasher

The Cyclo 04 Wallwasher is a recessed fluorescent wallwasher with RGB colour mixing that generates both white and coloured light.

Product Code MA90550030
Manufacturer Martin Professional

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The Cyclo 04 Wallwasher is a recessed fluorescent wallwasher with RGB colour mixing that generates both white and coloured light. Suited to a wide range of commercial applications, it also provides an interesting solution for the work environment by applying dynamic light in recreation areas and conference rooms.

The Cyclo 04 Wallwasher features extended colour control and exceptional white and coloured light quality. It represents a breakthrough for its ability to successfully compress colour-changing technology into an architectural fitting.

The full gamut of white and coloured light is achieved by combining four dimmable T5 fluorescent lamps, the primary colours red ®, green (G) and blue (B) in a process known as additive colour mixing, and an additional neutral white tube of 4000K. When installed at a setback of 1/3 the height of the wall, coloured light is distributed extremely evenly and smoothly.

This flawless colour distribution is achieved by a combination of advanced optical technology and reflectors with Lambertian characteristics. Because light strikes at the very top of the wall, wall coverage is total, eliminating the upper dark zone commonly associated with wallwashers. Moreover, the design of the metallic reflector ensures that coloured light is first seen when it strikes the projection surface.


The Cyclo O4 Wallwasher is an analogue version, controlled via a 1-10 V signal. With the 516-II Converter however, up to four groups of Cyclo 04 units can be controlled individually via DMX. Each group can contain up to 10 analogue, daisy chained Cyclo units


White and colour washing of walls and ceilings for retail, restaurants, hotels and other commercial applications. Programmable colour changes and fluctuating daylight effects for conference rooms, recreation spaces, and multi-functional areas.

Key Features

  • 28 W T5 fluorescent tubes
  • Long lamp life (20 000 hrs)
  • RGB + W colour mixing
  • Even colour distribution with no dark zones
  • 0-100% intensity control
  • Versatile as floor, ceiling, or wallwasher
  • 0-10 V analog control (DMX with 512-II Converter)



Length: 1210 mm (47.6 in.)
Width: 290 mm (11.4 in.)
Height: 94 mm (3.7 in.)
Weight: 9 kg (19.8 lbs.)


Type: T5 fluorescent tubes
Approved lamps: Osram T5 HE 28 W
Average lifetime: 20 000 hours
Socket: G5

Dynamic Effects

Colour mixing: RGBW
Red: 0 - 100%
Green: 0 - 100%
Blue: 0 - 100%
Cool white (4000 K): 0 - 100%

Control and Programming

Control options: Analog 1-10 V
Control via 516 Converter: 16 channels
Dimmer channels required per independently controlled Cyclo group: 4
Number of Cyclos per group (fixtures wired in series): 1-10


Indoor orientation: Any (ceiling panel or wall recommended)
Minimum free space: 25 mm (1.0 in.)


AC power input: Quick connectors
0-10 V analog: Quick connectors


AC power: 198-240 V, 50/60 Hz

Typical Power and Current

230 V, 50 Hz: 128 W, 0.6 A
Measurements made at nominal voltage. Allow for a deviation of +/- 10%.


Maximum ambient temperature (Ta max.): 40° C (104° F)
Minimum ambient temperature (Ta min.): -20° C (-4° F)
Cooling: Convection
Total heat dissipation (calculated, +/- 10%): 440 BTU/hr.


EU safety: EN 60598-1, EN 60598-2-2
EU EMC: EN 55015, EN 60555-3

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