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Nexo Alpha M8 Mid/Hi

Product Code NEAL.M8-PF
Manufacturer Nexo

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The ALPHA M8 is an advanced high power, medium-Q Mid/HI module that has the same form factor as the high-Q M3, allowing user selectable dispersion characteristics appropriate to the application. The M8 uses two exponential horn loaded 10" MF drivers and a constant directivity horn loaded 3" HF driver giving 75° x 45° dispersion, the horn may be rotated with the wider dispersion in the horizontal or vertical plane.

Operated as a 2-way active system for ultimate performance and control, the ALPHA M8 has a frequency response of 190Hz- 19kHz. Stacked or flown in arrays together with an ALPHA B1 Bass, the ALPHA M8 delivers outstanding performance as part of a precision, compact, large scale system.

The ALPHA System is a range of advanced technology modular, compact, high power loudspeaker modules tailored for a wide range of touring and installed sound reinforcement applications, from clubs and theaters to large scale live events.

Like all NEXO products, ALPHA System components are designed to work with advanced electronic processors, guaranteeing consistent performance and reliability of the highest standard.

Key Features

  • High power Mid/Hi module 143dB peak SPL @ 1m) using advanced co-axial waveguides with multipath phase devices.
  • Horn loaded 2 x 10" MF and 1 x 3" HF components on medium-Q waveguide provide 75° x 45° dispersion for medium throw applications, frequency response 190Hz-19kHz. User configurable, rotatable horn.
  • Active 2-way operation with NX242 Digital TDcontroller ensures reliable, linear operation.
  • Baltic birch cabinet and high performance honeycomb composite construction.
  • Available in dark grey carpet covering or textured black paint.
  • Optional integrated flying system hardware for Crossbow flying system (see below left) or standard aircraft fittings.
  • Ergonomically designed for flying or ground stacking, easy touring handling and truck packs.

System Overview

Alpha System System Overview

Sound reinforcement is equal parts science, art and business. In our effort to enhance all these aspects of the profession, NEXO R&D generated new ideas in every aspect of high output arrayable loudspeaker design: proprietary dual-ring multipath phase plugs, co-axial HF and MF horns, lightweight honeycomb composite materials, ergonomic enclosure and flying system design. As with all NEXO systems, electronics are fully integrated into the system via NXAMPs and NX242 TDcontrollers.

The success of the Alpha System in meeting the requirements of demanding professionals can be measured by its acceptance at the highest levels of concert touring, stadium sound, dance club installations and other demanding installations around the globe. ALPHANet is a global network of Alpha System owners and operators, with well over a hundred members around the world.

Alpha System modules include the B1 bass, M3 high-Q Mid/Hi and M8 medium-Q Mid/Hi. The S2 subbass provides optional VLF extension to 32Hz.

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