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Drawmer Balanced Amplifier

Product Code DRDA6
Manufacturer Drawmer

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The distribution of mono and stereo balanced audio signals from a single source to multiple destinations has many applications including multi-zone sound reinforcement installations, live sports events coverage, broadcast studios, video suites, duplication or indeed anywhere high quality audio has to be distributed to a number of locations down long cable runs.

The Drawmer DA-6 is a six channel stereo (or twelve channel mono) distribution amplifier featuring XLR balanced inputs and outputs with optional transformer balancing where remote amplifiers and recorders are fed from separate power supplies.

The stereo Input features individual left/right level controls with LED bargraph metering enabling the correct balancing of stereo material or two mono signals. Each of the six outputs incorporate further left/right level controls and a Mono/Stereo switch providing the selection of either one stereo output or two mono outputs per channel. This feature allows the DA-6 to function as either a 1 x stereo input/6 x stereo outputs or 1 x mono input/12 x mono output unit or any combination of the two.

The output section consists of a Channel Select so that the individual left/right output level of each channel is displayed on the output LED bargraph and can be monitored by the Headphone jack socket. A pair of auxiliary link stereo jack sockets (TRS) are provided via the rear panel for connection to further DA-6 units for the distribution of even more channels.

1x6 Stereo Distribution Amp with Monitoring.
1 set of stereo (2) XLR inputs.
6 sets of stereo (2) XLR outputs.
Input stage has LED level meter.
Each output channel can be switched to mono.
Each output channel can be individually monitored.
Built-in headphone amp.
Optional transformer balanced outputs.
Electronically balanced inputs with individual left/right level controls.
LED metering on input for balancing stereo material or two mono signals.
Left / Right level controls on each output with a stereo / mono switch.
Headphone jack to monitor output of selected channel.
LED metering on output of selected channel.
Auxiliary pair of balanced 1/4" output jacks for linking multiple DA6 units.
1 unit rack space.
Inputs and Outputs are balanced XLRs at +4dBu.




MAX. INPUT LEVEL Bal. +23.5dB Unbal. +18dB

MAX. OUTPUT LEVEL Bal. +22.5dB Unbal. +17.5dB into 600.

(Any output)

OUTPUT IMPEDANCE 33 (electronically balanced)

NOISE Better than -95 dB

(Gain=0dB, Bandwidth 22Hz - 22kHz)

CROSSTALK Better than -90dB @ 10kHz

(Input grounded, any channel output)

DISTORTION @ 1kHz Output 0dB better than 0.008%

+10dB better than 0.008%

+20dB better than 0.015%

BANDWIDTH 18Hz to 32kHz -1dB

HEADPHONE AMPLIFIER Will deliver 1 Watt into 8

Recommended Headphone Impedance 8 to 600


Outputs fitted with specified transformer will have the following specification:-

Max. Input Level @ 40 Hz +6dB for 0.5% THD.

Distortion @ 1 KHz 0 dB Output better than 0.008%

Bandwidth 10 K Load 20 Hz - 45 KHz

Insertion Loss 0.10dB (with 10 K load)

Bandwidth 600  Load 20 Hz - 33 KHz

Insertion Loss 0.67dB (with 600  load)

DCR Winding 1 6.9  + 7.6 

DCR Winding 2 11.6 

POWER REQUIREMENTS 115Volt or 230Volt at 50-60Hz, 30 Watts

FUSE RATING 160mA for 230Volt, 315mA for 115Volt


FUSE TYPE 20mm x 5mm, Class 3 Slo-Blo, 250Volt Working

CASE SIZE 482mm (w) x 44mm (h) x 200mm (d)

WEIGHT (incl packaging) 4.05 Kgs. (With all Transformers fitted 4.60 Kgs.)

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