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Aviom Control Surface

Product Code AVA16CS
Manufacturer Aviom

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The A-16CS is a remote controller for the A-16R Rack-Mount Personal Mixer.

The A-16CS Control Surface allows the A-16R Personal Mixer to be mounted in a rack with power amps, wireless transmitters, effects, etc., while still allowing a performer to have complete control over mix functions and presets. In addition, the A-16CS provides intuitive control over basic mix functions for systems in non-performance settings.

The user interface of the A-16CS is similar to that of the A-16II Personal Mixer, providing control over channel volume, grouping, pan, stereo spread, and master volume and tone. Up to 16 mix snapshots (stored in the A-16R) can be saved and recalled remotely from the A-16CS

For hands-free operation, the A-16CS also includes a footswitch jack that allows a performer to use a standard dual keyboard footswitch to select mix presets.

The A-16CS connects to the A-16R via standard Cat-5e cable using the A-Control jacks built into the A-16R and A-16CS. The A-Control cable can be up to 200 feet (61m) in length.

Key Features

  • Control of all mix functions in the A-16R
  • Dedicated Recall, Group, Solo, and Mute buttons
  • Save and Recall of the 16 Presets in the A-16R
  • Pan/Spread control with LED readout
  • Channel volume control with LED readout
  • Master Volume, Treble, and Bass controls
  • Mounts easily on a mic stand with the optional MT-1 mic stand mount


Personal Mixing System with Rack-Mount Personal Mixers:
For performers who use wireless in-ear monitors or floor wedges with external amplification, the combination of the A-16R Personal Mixer and A-16CS Control Surface provides the cleanest solution. The A-16Rs are kept in a rack off-stage, with the transmitter units for the wireless systems and the amplifiers for the floor wedges. A-16CS Control Surfaces on stage, connected to each A-16R by a Cat-5e cable, allow the musicians to make adjustments to their mixes with the same intuitive interface as on the A-16II Personal Mixer.

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